Bottom Quick Settings - ADB Permissions

Settings that can be toggled after a one time command is run:
  Mobile data
  Aeroplane mode
  Immersive mode
  Invert colors
  Bottom Status Bar

Note: If you can't toggle settings after completing the instructions on this page or prefer not to do this, try setting the 'Tile toggle method' to 'Normal' in the 'Tile' settings.

A one time command can be executed from your computer that allows you to toggle settings that would usually require root. This does not modify or root your device, it just grants a permission to the app that can't be done from within the app itself

You will need a computer, a USB cable, and a tool called ADB which you can download and install on your computer from here:

1. Connect your phone to your computer with the USB cable.

2. On your Android device, go to 'Settings > System > Developer options'. If Developer options is not in the list, click on 'About phone' and click 'Build number' 7 times until the 'You are now a developer' message shows.

3. Go into 'Developer options' and enable 'Android debugging' (may also be called USB debugging or similar). On Xiaomi/MIUI phones, make sure you also enable any related 'USB debugging' options if they exist. Such as: USB debugging (Secure Settings).

4. If using ADB is not working for you or you are getting an error, please search for the issue online. The answer will be there.

4a. To be able to toggle settings like: Mobile Data, Airplane Mode, Location, NFC, Bottom Status Bar, etc. Execute this command in the terminal:

   adb shell pm grant com.tombayley.bottomquicksettings android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

You should now be able to toggle the settings listed at the top of the page! You do not need to run this command again unless you re-install the app